The demerits of internet addiction

Today, many people spend a significant amount of time online, whether it’s for work, social interaction, information gathering, or entertainment. It is, however, possible to draw a line between healthy Internet usage and a disorder called Internet Addiction Disorder.

Internet Addiction Disorder has its signs, symptoms, and disadvantages. Here are some demerits of internet addiction:

  • Isolation

An internet addict spends most of his time alone, confined to his room with only his computer as a company.

Eventually, he may be isolated from social life, resulting in a decline of his social skills when he does venture out. In addition, as he interacts mostly online, he may find it challenging to hold a conversation or feel comfortable in public and social situations.

  • Poor Health

It is possible to be addicted to the Internet and suffer health problems. For example, poor posture and constant computer use can cause bad backs and carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also cause bad eyesight, which is caused by too much squinting at the screen.

In addition, when people are addicted to the Internet, they are likely to pose a greater risk of obesity since they are less likely to exercise or prepare healthy meals.

  • Interference with your life

The time spent online and the frequent absences and tardiness of Internet addicts threaten their jobs or academic careers. In addition, as a result of spending so much time online rather than with those he’s close to, Internet addicts may also discover their relationships suffer.

  • Behaviors such as withdrawal and aggression

When they are disturbed or interrupted while surfing the Internet, Internet addicts may become aggressive. Getting his attention might lead him to snap, or he might become irritated when asked about his online habits. In addition, the withdrawal symptoms of an Internet addict can cause him to become irritable and aggressive if he isn’t online.

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